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Fence Spikes

5m Bird Spike Pack

5m Bird Spike Pack

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Box containing 12 pieces (5m) of bird repellent spikes

Dimensions and design 

Individual piece size: 420mm (L) x 80mm (H) x 20mm (W)

Box size: 440mm x 180mm x 150mm

Weight: g

The Thorny Devil Bird spikes are made from UV stabilised Polycarbonate allowing them to last for years in the Australian environment. This specific choice of material and stabilizer is strong, clear, flexible, and UV resistant. 

These spikes employ a 'double trident' spike formation as two rows of 14 spikes, which has been seen to improve bird deterrent capability 5X. This is the highest concentration of deterrent points of any similar product on the market making it a First Choice buy. 


A great cost-effective solution for deterring birds over a range of related issues: 

  • Prevent birds from roosting in the wrong place
  • Preventing bird dropping in your environment (eg over your storefront sign or in your gutter). Reducing the public nuisance from the sound of the birds and the associated cleaning cost.  
  • Only a few meters of spikes is necessary in most instances at they cover a greater footprint (up to 70% wider than the point spread)
  • Strong, clear, flexible, and UV resistant material
  • Maintaining general aesthetic of the building, signs, and other structures whilst simultaneously maintaining the cleanliness of the surrounding area
  • Low cost, durable, easy installation and cleaning

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