Fence Spike Installation

When properly prepared and installed, the Thorny Devil™ capping will be virtually maintenance-free.

Stick to the following guidelines to ensure the best results.

How do I install my Thorny Devil Spikes?

These are the best practices to follow in order to achieve optimal and long lasting performance of your spikes. Please ensure your desired installation method is compatible with your fence spike of choice.

How to attach your spikes ?


To greatly enhance the bond between the capping and the wall, we recommend removing paint, dirt and loose mortar on the target area, prior to fixing. Good preparation leads to the best results. The removal of dust and dirt, efflorescence, and all loose or peeling paint or similar debris may involve one of the below methods:

Wire Brush and High Pressure cleaning

Use a wire brush and a high pressure water cleaner to remove all traces of loose paint, dirt, dust and other loose matter. Use/hire a commercial style pressure washer and at least 2500 psi. A suitable spray
pattern is the 15 degree tip held 12-inches from the surface. Work in a horizontal, back and forth pattern along the top of the wall where the Thorny Devil capping is to be glued. Try to inject the water underneath the exposed edge of the paint to lift as much as possible. Any remaining loose paint will need to be removed manually with the wire brush.

Acidic Masonry cleaner

Wash down the top of the wall with a concrete cleaner such as an acidic masonry cleaner. “Rinse with water” so all traces of the acidic masonry cleaner are washed away. Ensure that the surface is dry to then start applying adhesives


Glue the sections to a clean surface with a good building adhesive. We recommend neutral cure silicon based adhesive e.g. “Mirror Metal Glass” for a very strong bond. (48+ hours curing time)

Note: Use “neutral cure” silicone when attaching BIRD SPIKES.

*Occasionally, it may be useful to use screws or wire to hold the sections in place while the adhesive begins to cure.


Use the original holes as a guide when pre-drilling into masonry, steel, brick etc. Thorny Devil sections can also be attached using self-tapping screws installed straight through the plastic (no
pre-drilling). We recommend a minimum of 2 screws (3-4 screws is preferred) unless using an adhesive.   


In the event that your application allows for it and you would like further the strength of your installation you are able to fix the spikes to your surfaces via lashings as seen in our installation of Thorny
Devils on the Story Bridge here.

How to customize and form your spikes?


When cutting Thorny Devil Spikes use a fine tooth saw, a hand panel saw is adequate for this. - Possum - Bird

Cut FLAT sections along the recessed channels with scissors to trim the spikes into various configurations. - Anti-Climb


The materials thorny devil fence spikes are formulated with allow them to be thermoformed.By heating them in water to around 80 degrees Celsius, Thorny Devil Spikes can be molded to fit around various shapes
& larger posts/pipes. If would would like to do this please *USE GLOVES* and avoid bending the thorns!

PAINTING - Anti-Climb

The natural, neutral grey color blends in with most surroundings and is maintenance free. However, Thorny Devil Spikes can be painted as needed to suit any color scheme, if desired.


Warning signs are recommended for use with our products because they enhance the deterrent effect. Ideally, they should be readable from a distance of 4.5 meters (i.e fitted approximately every 9 meters)