Bird Spikes

Get rid of pesky pigeons making a mess around your property!

  • Effective against Pigeons, Seagulls and other birds of similar size
  • Can be placed on all kinds of roofs, gutters and ledges
  • Benefit from our high spike density design

Possum Spikes

Keep your flourishing garden intact!

  • Designed to deter with minimal harm
  • Keep possums out and your cats in with this multi purpose design
  • Maintain your aesthetic with our clear spikes

Anti-Climbing Spikes

Don't be an easy target for opportunistic intruders!

  • Surprising pointy while being low harm
  • Comes in a neutral grey to suit surroundings, can also be painted
  • Thermoforming and break/flex points making it easy to customize to your surfaces

Product Video

Customer Testimonials

  • Steven

    "The possums are gone! I’ve tried a lot of different ways of getting rid of then and this has been effective and cheap!"

  • Ken C.

    "The best possum repellant I’ve used so far!"

  • Carol

    "Easy to purchase, delivery was prompt, spikes just as described. Spikes are easy to install and appear to be successful so far, I can’t see any cat being willing to spike itself on these, they’re quite pointy."