Frequently Asked Questions

How many pieces will I need? - This will be worked out by measuring up your fenceline/area where you want the spikes positioned and then dividing the length by piece size (mentioned in item description).

Do you stock any other colours than mentioned on the website? - Unfortunately we only stock the one colour per spike type which is evident in the product photos.

Do I need an account to checkout? - No, you can checkout as guest.

Where are you located? - We have two stock housing locations including Sunshine North and Highett (both in Victoria).

How long does shipping usually take? - We aim to dispatch orders within 2-4 business days.

What do I do if I haven't received my order? - Check your email inbox to make sure you are up to date with the latest dispatch/shipping information on your product.

What is the return policy? - We offer returns for purchases up to 2 weeks after date received in instances where buyers are dissatisfied with the item.

I'm concerned about legal implications, what do they experts say? -

  • Leading Barrister’s Advice Re: Australian Criminal Law (2007)
    The product is benign, in that it is static, obvious and easily identified and avoided in normal use. The concept of being related to a “man trap is both spurious and a nonsense. The product is legally no different to many existing fences (i.e picket, palisade, corigated iron etc.).
    (Download) barrister-advice.pdf
  • Leading Firm of Solicitors Advice Re: Australian Civil Law (2007)
    The product is legal to use responsibly and warning signs (to the relevant standards) are recommended.
  • To the Victorian Government’s Dept. of Education, Employment & Training (2007)
    Shows that council has advised the product is legal and advocates responsible use.

If you have any queries other than purchasing related matters (eg pricing, quantities, shipping) please fill in below form and we will get in touch with you.

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