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Fence Spikes

10m L Section Spike Pack

10m L Section Spike Pack

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Box containing 24 segments (10m) of spikes

Dimensions and design 

Individual piece size: 450mm (L) x 30mm (H) x 30mm (W)

Box size: 470mm x 180mm x 150mm

Weight: 134g

Right angled base section with dual rows of thorns on top and a single row on the outer side. Thorny Devil fence spikes can be easily glued or screwed on. The neutral grey colour blends in most surroundings and is maintenance-free. However, the fence spikes can be painted as needed to suit any colour scheme if desired.


Thorny Devil Fence Spikes are the original deterrent spikes used to stop animals and human intruders along your fence line. Forget animals causing damage to your garden and from terrorizing your own animals in their home!

Fence spikes are strips of low profile PVS. The sharp spikes cause such animals as cats  discomfort without causing them harm. As a result the animals avoid the areas where the spikes are placed! Each individual piece is 45cm in length, hence your desired fence-line coverage divided by 0.45 will calculate the number of segments required for your property. For example 23 pieces will cover 10m fencing.


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