How to Safeguard Your Gardens from Possums

How to Safeguard Your Gardens from Possums

Possums may be adorable creatures, but they can wreak havoc in our gardens, relentlessly snapping branches, munching on fruit, and causing general nuisance. Roses, maples, and magnolia tips seem to be their top targets, and they particularly enjoy chomping on the tops of lilly pilly hedges.

But fear not! Thorny Devil Products has come to the rescue with specially designed Possum Spikes, created to safeguard your garden and backyard from pesky possum intrusions.

Our Possum Spikes boast a revolutionary design that renders it impossible for possums to traverse or clamber over fence lines, effectively fortifying your property's perimeter against these troublesome critters.

In suburban areas, two common types of possums prevail: the Brushtail and the Ringtail possum.

The Brushtail Possum exhibits prominent, pointed ears, along with a bushy tail perfectly adapted for grasping branches. With sharp claws on its forefeet and a powerful grasping toe on each hind foot, it can skillfully navigate its surroundings.

On the other hand, the Ringtail Possum possesses a dainty head with a pointed muzzle, short round ears, and a slender tail. Its gray fur features white patches behind the eyes and on the belly, while the tail and limbs display delightful orange-brown hues. This possum relies on its long tail, complete with a white-tipped end, to effectively climb and maneuver, seamlessly traversing connecting branches, fences, and power lines. Thanks to an anatomical peculiarity in its forefeet, featuring a gap between the second and third fingers, the Ringtail Possum can securely grip branches and fences.

However, even with their remarkable climbing abilities, these persistent possums are no match for our possum spikes.

Possums often exploit trees or power lines to infiltrate your premises, making it crucial to trim any overhanging trees and install possum guards on the power lines connected to your property when incorporating the possum spikes.

Remember, it's essential to prune any branches that come into contact with or overshadow your fence, thwarting the possums' access to your beloved garden.

Secure your gardens and bid farewell to possum-related headaches with the remarkable possum spikes from Thorny Devil. Don't let these mischievous creatures dictate the state of your gardens any longer!
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